How to Tip

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The intention of this website is to help
the public find the current tipping standard.

There's nothing worse then knowing you didn't
tip enough. It's also very embarrassing to
attempt to tip when it's not the right time.

Since tipping isn't very well regulated there
isn't a true standard but there is a social
standard that most usually go by.
We will assume the most common well known
is a percentage range based on the services
An example would be a restaurant.
It's common to tip 15% to 20% from the
sub-total. You take the sub-total, then multiply
by the percentage you want, then add that number
to the grand-total.

The point of tipping is to encourage better
quality service. This is at least what the well
known rule is. This is not a mandatory action
but is heavily frowned upon if done incorrectly,
or worse not done at all.

Some might find even just discussing the topic
can be seen as rude. We don't intend to offend
anyone. In fact, that's the very point of this
website. We aren't attempting to discourage the
practice, but more trying to understand it more